Students Welcome Former Diplomat

Monday 02 December 2013

Dr O’Hear: The Oxbridge Project seminar group extended a warm welcome to this week's speaker, George Walden, on Tuesday October 1st.

Mr Walden, a former senior diplomat, who worked in the USSR during the Krushchev era and in China during the Cultural Revolution, and who was also an MP for fourteen years, took the group on a riveting tour of his fascinating career. Underpinning his career at every step was Mr Walden's passion and aptitude for languages. Fluent in French, Russian and Chinese, but himself originally from humble beginnings on the White City Estate, Mr Walden extolled the importance of languages as the key to his most exciting career opportunities.

He was impressed that at least seven members of the group were already fluent in Arabic and saw bright futures for them provided they could combine this with excellence in other areas. To the others he provided encouragement in their studies of French, Spanish and Latin.

The group listened well and asked pertinent questions. Particularly good questions came from Tariq Ahmed in 11B and Wahbi El Jack Ali in 8B.