STEM Summer Camp

Sunday 19 September 2021

During the summer, BDA students in Year 10 took part in a science summer camp developed by STEM Learning, with support from Goldman Sachs Gives.

Ahead of the three day camp, Jo Hannaford, Head of EMEA Engineering at Goldman Sachs, said: “STEM Learning’s summer camps will have a direct impact in helping young people access leading STEM education and catch-up on missed opportunities during the pandemic. We are proud to support them through Goldman Sachs Gives.

“The future of business is increasingly digital and we need continued investment in the people and skills that will power our economy in years to come.”

Yvonne Baker, Chief Executive of STEM Learning, said: “We are grateful for this generous sponsorship from the Goldman Sachs Gives programme. It is enabling the STEM Learning team to deploy its evidence-led, quality assured approach in developing these tailored summer camp interventions for schools around England.

“Young people need every support in raising their aspirations and attainment, and we are deeply committed to our vision of a world-leading STEM education for all young people, to inspire lifelong engagement with STEM subjects and build a strong and diverse STEM sector.”

In addition to subject teaching and practical skills, activities to raise aspiration were also woven into the camp sessions, such as career panel discussions and mentoring.

Katrina M, now in Year 11, said of the camp: "During the summer I attended the Goldman Sachs STEM camp. I found it quite enjoyable especially when we were given a chance to try out the practices ourselves which help us with our practices skill in science, that we haven’t been able to develop the previous year due to Covid. We spent the three days focusing one on aspect of science and consolidating our knowledge on it to help us achieve higher grades on that topic. Not only were we fortunate to be taught by a teacher outside school we were also given insight into the work of STEM. We met 4 STEM ambassadors who each told us a story of their work and give us guidance on how to achieve our goals. I found it very interesting to listen to them and learnt some great information from them that will help me later on."