The idea for QueenCracker came about during a meeting regarding the 2015 Shakespeare Schools Festival. Getting into central London mid-week can often be difficult for parents and we wanted our casts’ family to be able to enjoy the show, we decided to have one performance at school to ensure they had their moment to shine in front of the people who matter the most to them. We considered simply performing Queen Lear on its own, but decided that getting an audience in for only a 30 minute show could prove difficult; but an evening showcasing the best of Drama and Dance would. As the Shakespeare Schools Festival was not too far from Christmas and Nutcracker studied as part of the GCSE Dance course, and various parts taught and thoroughly enjoyed in KS3 Dance lessons, QueenCracker was born.

Students from both casts have been rehearsing during two evenings a week and during lunchtimes since the start of this academic year.

Blood, sweat, pink netting, poppies, and tears were combined to create, what can only be described as an OUTSTANDING performance!

“I liked how professional the production was, I loved all of the costumes and performing in it. It was great to be a part of” Mimi year 10

“I really enjoyed performing our SSF production at RADA, but bringing it back to school was also great. So many people were able to see what we had produced, it was a great show” Ezra year 12 

“Being able to perform my acting talent at school and at RADA was really great, and I loved wearing that moustache” Harry year 9

“Working with the younger ones was a really nice experience” Armani year 13

“I loved making the audience smile, and seeing them so happy at our performance” Chanel year 13

“I enjoyed working with the different year groups, and performing a lead role. Merry Christmas” Chloe year 11

“OMG! The performance was AMAZING! In Nutcracker, I loved sweetie land, the liquorice allsorts were great! I loved them!” Daniella year 10

The Performing Arts Department would like to thank all those involved in the evening, from costume making to supporting with ticket sales and refreshments. We would particularly like to thank the cast and say well done for making the evening so special.