Friday 18 May 2018

With exam season upon us, it’s sometimes easy to overlook other activities happening around us.

This week however, we would like to draw attention to the wonderful acts of kindness and generosity that have been taking place within the BDA community.

A group of our Year 12 students have been working under the radar on a very selfless and kind project that gives back to the community.

It all started with a WhatsApp group created by a team of determined Sixth Form students to discuss ways in which they could make a positive impact on other communities that are less fortunate. With that thought in mind, they decided to donate money to a cause that involves building a well that would in turn provide water to an impoverished community.

Armed with the innovative idea and some research, they sourced a charitable organisation that would turn their ideas into a reality. The Islamic Appeal is an international humanitarian organisation committed to alleviate the suffering of the needy. One of their projects is trying to provide water sources in the form of wells to communities that aren’t fortunate enough to have a basic and essential resource like clean water.

The cost to build a well is £300 and our students took on the challenge to raise this amount through fundraising. Their entrepreneurial skills led them to buy snacks and treats to sell to other students during lunch and break times.

Of course, their drive and determination meant that they smashed their initial target and raised a whopping £374.50! This achievement will earn them plaque photographs, a certificate, and progress reports as the well is being built. The only thing left to do is decide which country they would like to build the well in.

Their commitment did not stop there though. They have decided to use the excess funds to help feed a family in war-torn Syria, and have surmised that it would cost between £60-£70 to feed a whole family for a month.

In the words of Joed:

“The outcome of this fundraise was very rewarding, gratifying and so self-satisfying. Therefore, this will definitely NOT be the last time we do something like this. Thank you again for making this possible and for your continuous tremendous support.”

We could not be more honoured to have these students represent the academy, and we will be assisting them to create a fundraising page for future endeavours. In the meantime, please continue to support their cause by visiting and donating to: Islamic Appeal

Please also join us in celebrating and congratulating the brilliant team behind this extraordinary act of generosity:

Joed Al-Shaber

Fatma Sufi

Paris Boxall

Lea Vidal

Emmy Toulson

Laura Jouvin

Saleem Shah

Zundus Said

Marwa Roomi

Milly Inayat

Aya Roomi