Paper Plate Campaign

Monday 03 June 2013

Concerned BDA students have been raising awareness of global hunger by sending messages to David Cameron to share with world leaders at the next G8 summit.

As part of an international campaign, students put their passionate appeals to the prime minister on paper plates and posted them off just before half term. With the government’s promise to put 0.7% of national income towards aid this year, BDA students are keen to ensure that they do.

Charley Fanneran, 9B, wrote: “It is not fair that people in the world are starving and there are people in the western world wasting so much food. I would like you to take action and help to stop world hunger.”

The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign coincides with David Cameron’s pledge to hold a hunger summit around the time of the G8 meeting. The campaign identifies aid, tax, land and transparency as the four main issues in need of addressing to help tackle the crisis.

Sumet Manocha, 9B, wrote: “I am very concerned about food distribution throughout the world. Could you raise this issue with the other G8 leaders and try to stop big companies evading tax and farmers being forced off their land.”

Miss Bedford said: “This is a great opportunity for pupils to learn about the importance of lobbying and that their voice really can make a difference when they work together for change. It’s important for pupils to be engaged in and learning about world issues, something we seek to encourage in our PSHCE programme at BDA.”

Well done to everyone involved.