Oxbridge Project Essay Competition

Monday 24 February 2014

Well done to all those who submitted entries for the Oxbridge Project essay competition. The standard was extremely high and the results are as follows:

1st prize:

Ezra, 10B (The world would be a much safer place if nuclear weapons were eradicated)

Runners up:

Ria, 9B (Why is it important for Mammal Eating Killer Whales to keep their communication private?)

Faiso, 9B (How do we know what we think is right, is actually right?)

Seoyun, 7B (has now left the school)(How does Shakespeare explore the theme of gossip in Much Ado About Nothing?)

Ezra won £10 and the runners up £5. We hope that many more students will submit essays by the end of this term on one of the topics that we have had such fascinating talks on.