The Oxbridge Project and Microfluidics

Dr O’Hear: On Tuesday March 18th, Joanna Davies, soon to be Dr Joanna Davies of Imperial College London, came to address the Oxbridge Project on 'microfluidics'. Microfluidics is a branch of Chemistry which focuses on the study of fluids on a very small scale. It can have major benefits in the development of new drugs as it enables scientists to perform tests more cheaply, more quickly and more efficiently.

Miss Davies spent most of her PHD looking at and performing experiments with fluids the size of a hair through her microscope. She shared some beautiful images of these fluids with us throughout the talk. It was a fascinating yet challenging talk and the students kept up really well.

They were also full of questions about the life of a scientist. Next Tuesday we will be hearing from Dr Peter Claus, expert Historian from Oxford University so please make sure you attend.