Mission Week at BDA

Mr Whitlock: The Christian Mission last week served to introduce students to different themes as Lent has begun on the Christian calendar and to promote the Christian ethos in which the school has a secure foundation.

Burlington Danes Academy is a Church of England school that welcomes all religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds.  We are a diverse community that holds common and shared values of love, tolerance, peace and virtue.

The Christian message was presented by  the Bishop of Kensington, Paul Williams, and his team consisting of Ruth and Russell as they explored themes of worth, freedom and connection. They took assemblies in the morning, RE lessons in the day and spent lunchtimes delivering presentations and talking to students.

There were some incredible questions by students put in their question box during lessons and some great debate taking place outside. If you have any further questions or discussions you want to have about the Christian faith, be sure to find Mr Whitlock and share them.

Remember, the Chapel service in on every Thursday lunchtime at 1.30pm and Boys Bible study is on every Friday lunchtime at the start of lunch with food provided!  Girls, if you want to have your own Bible study then this can be arranged – please see Mr Whitlock.