KS4 Paris Trip

On Thursday 21st November, 40 students from Year 10 and Year 11 headed off on the French trip to Paris. We had a jam-packed itinerary involving visits to exciting landmarks and monuments, as well as a morning spent exploring the Louvre Museum and discovering a variety of art.

On Thursday, once we had arrived in Paris, we enjoyed a boat trip along the River Seine where we were able to spot many historic buildings and monuments from the river. Students saw iconic buildings such as the Assemblé Nationale and Notre-Dame Cathedral and got a feel for French gothic architecture, as well as seeing the Eiffel Tower glitter by night from afar! Students then had their first taste of French cuisine in a local Parisian restaurant.

On Friday, after a traditional French breakfast in our hotel, we headed out in search of the Louvre Museum. Students enjoyed walking around the huge site at their own leisure and observing some of the most famous paintings and sculptures in the world. We then had some shopping time along the Champs-Elysées and walked up to the Arc de Triomphe. We had dinner in a local restaurant, before going up the Eiffel Tower by night. All students were very brave and went up to the 2nd floor, and some of us even made it to the very top! The views of Paris by night from this height were extraordinary.

On Saturday, before embarking on our journey home, we visited the Montmartre area of Paris to see the beautiful view of the whole of Paris from the Sacré Coeur Basilica. Students were very respectful when walking inside the Basilica and we were very fortunate to observe the start of the Saturday morning service. We also managed to buy some souvenirs and postcards to bring home and one Year 11 student commissioned a local street artist to draw a caricature of his brother, a very lovely present to bring home.

Well done to all students involved for their exemplary behaviour and responsibility on this trip.

“My time in Paris was a really great experience as we got to visit lots of tourist sights and enjoy spending time with our friends. Paris was extremely fun and great to visit.” – Chloe, Year 10

“My favourite part of the Paris trip was using my French to communicate whilst shopping in the Champs-Elysées and in addition, I enjoyed learning about Napoleon’s apartments in the Louvre museum.’ – Jamil, Year 11