House University Challenge

Monday 10 March 2014

The BDA House Competition took a step into the academic arena this week, testing the general knowledge of staff and students in the aptly difficult House University Challenge.

Hosted by Mr Preston, doing his best Jeremy Paxman impression, the quiz got off to competitive start. The Colossians, led by Ms Bridger, were looking particularly good, but it was the Romans who stormed into the lead early on.

With passions running high and teams falling by the wayside as the rounds progressed, the Galatians, comprising Umar, Aham and Mr Lawrence, found themselves in a head to head with the Philippians team of Adekunle, Madena and Ms Williamson.

Despite a valiant effort from the latter, it was the Galatians who emerged victorious. Well done all on what was an impressive display of knowledge.

Full results were as follows:

1st – Galatians, 2nd – Philippians, 3rd – Colossians, 4th – Romans, 5th – Corinthians, 6th - Ephesians