House project underway

Thursday 26 September 2013

Our ambitious plan to bring staff and students together to build a fully-functioning timber house on our White City site is no longer a dream in the pipeline - it's a reality. The School House Project is underway and things are moving quicker than expected.

Under the supervision of a skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals, students have thrown themselves into the initial stages of the challenge with ample grit and enthusiasm. Well into the process of constructing the wall panels for the house, the group are fast acquiring a toolkit of skills that will serve them well over the coming months.

Roderick James, the architect leading the project, has been impressed not only by the efficiency of the young workforce, but also by their creative input and conceptual understanding of the plans. Students have been eagerly offering insights and opinions that will have a significant bearing on the finished product.

Special mention must be made of Malachi Grant, Fahim Omarzaiy and Adam Doad, who have displayed valuable leadership qualities, contributing to sharp and productive output.

The coming months are sure to be a very exciting time at Burlington Danes Academy. An external blog covering the project will be established soon.

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