House Competition: Mini Olympics

Tuesday 03 December 2013

BDA’s Mini Olympics, a popular fixture of our annual House competition, drew swarms of keen competitors to the astroturf last Tuesday afternoon.

Students lined up against one another in some cracking egg and spoon races, one or two explosive 100m sprints, a pair of ferociously fought relays and a tug of war to end all tug of wars. Well done to all students who attended on your magnificent efforts to earn House points and for what was an extremely impressive athletic display all-round.

With the final scores counted, we can confirm that Romans came in sixth, Corinthians fifth, Ephesians fourth, Galatians third, and the increasingly formidable Colossians just edged ahead of Philippians to steal first.

Keep your ears to the ground for upcoming House events and your next opportunity to earn some all-important House points.