The Home of the Brontes

Monday 24 February 2014

A group of sixth form English enthusiasts travelled north to Haworth last week to visit the home of the famous Bronte sisters.

The students enjoyed a real taste of country life, venturing out onto the harsh and wildly evocative moors – the setting of Emily’s only novel, Wuthering Heights.

As well as touring the quaint streets of the beautiful old town with a local historian, who was bursting with fascinating information, they received an excellent lecture on various critical responses to the text.

The speaker commented that the group, having contributed so well to discussion, appeared too advanced to be Year 12s. Particular mention must be made of Victor, who impressed with some very poignant insights.

They stayed the night in an old Gothic house near Haworth and squeezed in a quick look around the parsonage where the sisters lived – even catching a glimpse of the couch that Emily is said to have died on.

After what was an enriching trip out of London, the group arrived home safe and sound but for a severe touch of Bronte fever.