High Achievement at KS4 for BDA students

Well done to all our GCSE students who have achieved some wonderful results!

Particular congratulations go to the following students who achieved exceptionally:

Omar Sayeed-Iqbal: 7x9s, 2x8s, 1x7 & 1A*

Jai Patel: 7x9s, 3x7s & 1A

Felix Butcher: 6x9s, 3x8s, 1x7 & 1x6 S

adek Al-Saabari: 4x9s, 4x8s, 2x7s & 1A

Ibrahim Ibrahim: 4x9s, 4x8s, 1x7, 1x6 & 1B

James Rowley: 4x9s, 1x8, 3x7s, 2x6s & 1x5

Nerjess Alfellani: 2x9s, 3x8s, 3x7s, 1x6, 1x5, 1x4 & 1A*

Jania Fernan: 5x8s, 5x7s & 1B

Usher Bigas: 4x8s, 2x7s, 3x6s & 2As

Nasra Sulub: 3x8s, 3x7s, 3x6s, 1A & 1C

We wish all our students all the best as they continue their educational journey at Key Stage 5!