Governor Joins Student-Led Seminar

"We don't, in a sensible world, want to hand on an increasingly dysfunctional world to our grandchildren, to leave them with the real problem. I don't want to be confronted by my future grandchild and [have] them say: 'Why didn't you do something?'’ – Prince Charles

BDA Governor Ken Bromfield joined sixth form geographers this week for a student-led discussion on the theories of Thomas Malthus and their relevance to modern issues of sustainability.

Students were split into groups representing hypothetical countries of varying economic and industrial structures. They were then tasked with presenting a plan for sustainable development in the face of a dramatically increasing population.

During the session, students thought hard about key factors such as aid and climate change, and came up with a range of intelligent ideas. The group coped extremely well with some very difficult material.

Mr Bromfield said: "It was rewarding for a governor of Burlington Danes Academy to be working with students who responded to the challenges posed by the Malthus axiom and its relevance to sustainable development."

Well done to Gary for coming up with a particularly apt metaphor whilst arguing that we need to moderate our consumption of resources.

"If a lion is sitting in the shade and there are other animals playing around it, it doesn’t always eat them, only when it is hungry," he said.