GCSE Results rise by over 10% at Ark Burlington Danes Academy

Year 11 pupils and teachers have secured an outstanding set of results for Key Stage 4 this year. At GCSE, the headline measure of pupils achieving English and Maths 4+ has risen by 11% to 60%, one of the largest improvements in London. There have been great results across all subject areas, particularly in the highly academic English Baccalaureate subjects, with pupils achieving the Ebacc 4+ rising to 34%, which is 10% above the national average.

Ark Burlington Danes Academy principal, Paul Bhatia, said:

“I’m delighted with the excellent results our pupils and teachers have achieved. Our GCSE results have increased by over 10% and almost every subject has improved significantly on last year, which is down to the hard work of our students and staff and is testament to the ambition of this school.

Most importantly, I’m so pleased to see our students achieve the grades they need to access their A-levels and professional pathways at KS5. With over 50% of our KS5 students gaining a top third university place and one in three achieving a Russell University place, BDA empowers our students with tools they need to secure the careers of their choice.

Congratulations to Year 11 on their excellent results!

Among the superb results achieved by our students, particular congratulations are due to the high number of students achieving the top grades. 15 students achieved 7 or more GCSE 7-9 grades, including:

  • Anass Kireche achieved 3- 9’s, 3- 8’s, 1- 7 and 3- 6’s.
  • Sophie Crowder achieved 3- 9’s, 4- 8’s, 2-7’s and 1- 6.
  • Sara Abuzaid achieved 2- 9’s, 4- 8’s and 4- 7’s.
  • Abdulrahman Gallul achieved 3- 9’s, 3- 8’s, 2- 7’s and 2- 6’s.
  • Fatima Adwalla achieved 1- 9, 5- 8’s and 1-7.
  • Rumaysah Khan achieved 1- 9, 1- 8, 4- 7’s and 3- 6’s.
  • Elliot Higgins achieved 1-9, 7- 8’s and 2- 7’s

We are also delighted with some outstanding BTEC results this year for Year 11, with students excelling in our more vocational qualifications:

  • Sport (BTEC) had three students achieving an impressive Distinction grade. Well done to Kishauna Griffiths, Abdikarim Hashi and Omara Morrison.
  • Business (BTEC) had an excellent group of 8 students achieve a Merit grade.
  • Music (BTEC) 100% of students passed the course.


From left to right:

Ridwan Ikow – 8 (x2), 7 (x4) and 6 (x3).

Ruhith - 9 (x1), 8 (x1) and 7(x5).

Keith Suson – 6 (x5) and 5 (x4).

Anass K – 9 (x3), 8(x3), 7(x1) and 6 (x3).

Emmanuel – 8 (x1), 7 (x6) and 5 (x2).

From Left to Right:

Rumaysah Khan achieved 9 (x1), 8 (x1), 7 (x4) and 6 (x3).

Sara Abuzaid achieved 9(x2), 8(x4) and 7(x4).

Sophie Crowder achieved 9 (x2), 8 (x3), 7 (x4) and 6 (x1).

Asiya Mohamed achieved 8 (x5), 7 (x3), 6 (x2).

Ridwan Ikow – 8 (x2), 7 (x4) and 6 (x3).

Noreen Abdalla – 9 (x1), 8 (x4) and 7 (x3).

Our success is highlighted in this article by our Local authority, Hammersmith and Fulham.