It was a beautiful sunny day.  Samara Hackett-Valton and Stella Traba were given the opportunity to represent the school at the memorial service of ex-Burlington Girls’ School Head Girl, Rev Joyce Bennett OBE, who attended the school in the 1930’s and 40’s.  Both girls were excellent school representatives and were very well received. They were greeted warmly on the steps of St Martin in the Fields by ex-Burlington girl (1940’s) and great supporter of modern day Ark BDA, Audrey Jones.  Both Samara and Stella proudly carried Joyce's Head Girl Medal, inscribed with the words ‘Brave, Gentle, Sincere’, in the offertory procession.

Joyce was a remarkable teacher, missionary and campaigner for free education for all. She was the first Englishwoman to be ordained to the priesthood of the Anglican Church in 1971.

Her missionary work took her to Hong Kong where she founded a girls’ school. On her return to Britain she played an important part in the life of the Chinese community at St Martin in the Fields helped by her ability to speak Cantonese.

Joyce Bennett is a wonderful of example of what a well-educated, determined and just woman can achieve.