Familiar Faces at Monday Construction Club

Tuesday 03 December 2013

Every Monday, after school, the SchoolHouse Project's workshop doors are thrown open to any students keen to lend a hand and play their part in the building of the house.

So far, participation has been outstanding, ensuring an output almost matching that of the timetabled construction classes. Numbers have been consistently high and the atmosphere is always one of enthusiasm and productivity. Attendees are showing an eagerness to learn that is fairly reflected in the quality of their work and the rapid development of their expertise.

A particularly noteworthy contribution has come from an extremely competent group of fresh-faced Year 7 girls who rarely miss a session. Mariam Rahman, Ola Ibrahim, Rania El-Gamal and Einas Omar have shown passion and commitment to the cause and are fast proving themselves to be invaluable members of the team.

Already dab hands with the contents of most tool boxes and always prepared to acquire new skills, they are also showing an astute understanding of the technical side of the building plans.

Mariam, 11, said: “I wasn’t too interested at first, but once I tried it I found it really interesting and I really enjoyed it. It’s really fun.”

Keep it up girls and we’ll have a house before Christmas!

Follow the progress in detail on our external blog: http://bdahouseproject.blogspot.co.uk