Cross Curricular Project: Elections

Tuesday 03 December 2013

This year’s Cross Curricular Project exposed BDA students the world of politics with a mock election that included full campaign trails, thorough media reportage and an overall taste of what it is to vote.

Students were split into houses and worked across year groups in efforts to steer their party leaders into office. With Ms Mataria heading Labour, Mr Moore at the Liberal Democrat helm and Mr Wilson leading the Conservatives, it was sure to be a closely fought competition.

All students attended an opening election rally in the sports hall on Thursday morning and were then divided into groups to focus on important political issues currently in the news. They then joined their parties to complete a range of activities, learning more about the UK’s voting system.

Miss Downey said: “Students now have an understanding not only of the political issues that face Britain today but also the policies of the main political parties. This kind of knowledge is power as those in the know are able to make the right choices and decisions in their life.”

Friday morning saw the parties deliver their final speeches and presentations, illustrating the student’s hard work and commitment to the tasks in hand. All thoughts then turned to the polling stations where students had the opportunity to vote for the party that they believed would form the strongest government.

After a painstaking count of all the votes cast, we can announce that the Labour Party emerged victorious with Ms Mataria securing the top job.

The winning candidate said: “Our success is down to a very strong cabinet - who really believed in the values of the Labour Party - and the hard work of our student teams. It feels magnificent to have won. I must congratulate Hajar in 10B, whose excellent speaking skills are sure to have won us many votes.”

Well done also to the media team, who worked hard at producing up-to-the-minute coverage of all the unfolding events.