Charity Week at BDA

Charity Week at Burlington Danes Academy has been a roaring success yet again, with staff and students going the extra mile to help raise money for those in need.

Monday saw members of staff put their intellectual mettle to the test in the lunchtime quiz Are Your Teachers Smarter Than 11 Year Olds, while 85 students forked out a total of £165 for tickets to an afterschool disco. Attendees enjoyed a limbo competition and musical statues before prizes were dished out for the best dressed and best dad-style dancing. Ms Quinton commented that Mr Prince and Mr Perkins enjoyed their best night out in a while.

A talented line up of staff made the bill for Tuesday’s teacher talent contest. Despite an enthralling poetry reading from Ms Grainger, an astounding magic show at the nimble hands of Mr Goorah and a science demonstration by Mr Henderson and Mr Hayward, it was the band that stole the show. Front man Mr Whitlock wowed the audience with his powerful vocals and was brilliantly backed up by Mr Foley, Mr Bunning and Mr Clark.

This year’s Sponge a Teacher proved even more popular than last year’s, with the likes of Mr Fairbairn, Ms Cartlidge and Ms Williamson suffering a drenching in the stocks, while Wednesday’s Teacher Auction was yet another huge success (see our online newsletter for details).

Ms Aitken stormed to victory in I’m a Teacher Get Me Out of Here on Thursday, ploughing through course after course of multi-legged delights and fighting off stern competition from Mr Prince, who was left a little worse for wear having overindulged somewhat – another example of the lengths the BDA community will go for a good cause.

Many staff and students arrived at school on Friday dressed in onesies, pyjamas or as movie stars for one last fundraising push – so far raising £232.85 towards the final total.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and contributed in any way to this year’s BDA Charity Week. There have been too many activities to cover in detail and the donations are still being counted, so check Twitter and this week’s newsletter for the final amount.