Careers and Networking Event

A group of BDA students attended a creative careers networking event last month to meet a variety of professionals working in creative industries.

Through conversations with photographers, musicians, journalists, fashion designers and filmmakers, the students learmt a great deal about what such jobs entail and what it takes to forge a career in these areas. They also learnt about the importance of networking and how best to go about it.

The professionals were extremely impressed by the maturity and inquisitiveness of BDA students, who as a result received an invite to a Converse Public Relations event from one of the speakers. Many students approached the trip as a networking opportunity in itself and managed to secure work experience placements for the summer.

Well done to all on what was a very successful day out: Rachel Smith, Fonus Kibreab, Kidest Alemayehu, Andre Curie, Valexus Robinson, Hajar Benmhedia, Darnell Christie, Diana Solomon, Elizabeth Solomon, Raage Egal, Tyra Louis-Pascall and Shazelle Louis-Pascall.