Brilliant Club Visit Oxford University

Monday 10 March 2014

Dr O’Hear: On Friday January 24th BDA's Brilliant Club visited Oxford University for the launch of this year's programme. This is the first year that BDA has been involved in the scheme which selects twelve of the brightest students from years 7-10 and sets them up with a PHD student for six weeks of intensive weekly tutorials. At the end of the tutorial course the students must each write a 2000 word essay which will be entered into a national competition. The idea is to give these bright students an advance taste of university life. We have been paired up with a Philosophy PHD student and so the BDA students will have to write their essays on an aspect of moral Philosophy.

The launch trip saw the students travel to Oxford University's Pembroke College on the train in the pouring rain. Morale remained undimmed however and the students attacked a day of lectures and tutorials with vigour. They particularly appreciated the tour of the college by current students and many of them now have aspirations to apply there when the time comes! We also took the opportunity to peek into Christchurch College, one of Oxford's oldest colleges and the location of many of the Harry Potter movies.

The students selected for this year's Brilliant Club are as follows: Omar Iqbal, Aishni Mittra, Felix Butcher, Yassmine Al Amire, Abubaker Baldo, Alfie Harris, Faiso Kadiye, Milly Innayat, Yassin Seddik, Ezra Gill, Hajar Benmehdia and Yasmin Hamdi Pacha.