BDA's Peer Mediator Scheme

Students have been promoting BDA’s Peer Mediator Scheme in this week’s assemblies, informing their classmates of all the good things the team have been doing.

They explained that having been professionally trained their role is to help pupils cope with name calling, problems in class and cyber bullying, among other issues. Using their skill set, the group has resolved disputes and provided excellent advice to peers over the last few months, proving a popular support option as a result.

Outlining the benefits of peer mediation, the group explained that the scheme:

•Prevents low level conflicts from escalating

•Provides a safe environment for young people to solve their problems with the help of a third party

•Improves communication with students, teachers, and all staff members

•Helps students acknowledge and accept consequences

The group added: “Students are maybe more likely to talk to someone their own age over their teacher because they would have an understanding of their perspective.”

They also outlined some interesting stats about peer mediation:

•58-93% of the time success is achieved. Success is measured if agreement was reached and maintained

•A 36% reduction of school wide general disruptive behavior, including fighting, verbal abuse, and arguments

The mediators will continue to attend form sessions once a week, in addition to their playground duties, and will have a drop-in room open Wednesday lunchtimes.