BDA Steel Pans At St Paul's Cathedral

Friday 07 February 2020


Our talented Steel Pan band were invited to perform at the London Diocesan Board For Schools' annual celebration service in St Paul's Cathedral at the end of January.

The students, ranging from 11 to 16 years old, have rehearsed carefully under the tutelage of Mr Dubois, our peripatetic steel pans teacher.

Their performance as the congregation entered was wonderful, with Ms Friar commenting on how incredibly proud she was. T'Mye in Year 7 said it was "an awesome day", and the reception from the crowds at the cathedral was in agreement.

The band were especially privileged to meet Sarah Mullally, DBE, the first female Bishop of London, who made a special point of coming to speak to the group about how wonderfully they had played.

Well done to all involved, and thank you so much to Mr Dubois and Ms Friar for making it possible.