BDA Sixth Form RE Day

Mr Whitlock: On Thursday 13th March we hosted our second RE Day with BDA Sixth Form. The morning began in the Potter Theatre with a presentation from the Home Office on the Syrian conflict, outlining the political context to the situation. This was followed by Anjum Khan, a representative of Cambridge University’s Psychology Faculty, who outlined the theological context by looking at Peace and Fitna.

After this, students were split into two large groups, one acting as political stakeholders and the other as the community of stakeholders. These groups were then divided into four subgroups. Students took to the task of answering difficult questions on the crisis, relating it to the agenda they were given. Heated discussion and debate ensued in various groups and finally all students came together for a short presentation of each position.

Students showed just how ready they are for university life, being able to engage with a lecture and move on to seminar-based group work with presentations as an outcome. This understanding and perspective on a world issue is the kind of broad diversity students will be expected to employ in different contexts whatever their degree course.