BDA Literacy Squad

Tuesday 04 March 2014

BDA Literacy Squad introduce themselves and talk a little about what they do:

Hamdi Abdulkadir 7B:

What we aim to accomplish:

The literacy squad is a group of students selected from all year groups to support other students who want to expand their literacy to a higher standard. In addition, this will also greatly improve their schoolwork. We promote reading, speaking and listening and writing all around the school and aim to assist any pupils who are struggling in any one of these aspects. We can be identified by our silver badges which have ‘Literacy Squad’ written on them.

Our responsibilities around school:

Our responsibilities vary from teaching other year groups a lesson to helping fellow students with their problems. Recently all of the Literacy Squad taught different forms in year nine, PSHCE about homophones for approximately 15 minutes in pairs. We also have meetings in the Sixth Form library on alternating days depending on the urgency of a meeting about aspects that need to be discussed.

Mariam Rahman 7B:

Recently the Literacy Leaders taught PSHCE. This was to help students identify which topics they were finding difficult. We looked through the most common mistakes in years 7-9 and found that capital letters and homophones were the topics we needed to work on with the students.

We showed them a clip about the topic which they enjoyed a lot. Then we gave them a worksheet so they could prove that they understood what the clip taught them. This helped them recognise where we put capital letters and how different words sound the same but are spelt differently.

I really enjoyed teaching a class as it was such a new experience. I also loved the fact that the students listened to you like you were an actual teacher. Also to know that I helped someone to improve feels really good. I would definitely do this again, not just because of the fact that I can help a student to improve but because the amount of experience you get is amazing.