BDA History Trip to Berlin

A group of BDA historians from key stages four and five travelled to Berlin at the end of last term to learn more about the Weimar Republic, the Nazi period and the Cold War.

The itinerary for the three days included a Weimar and Nazi Germany walking tour, a Cold War tour, visits to Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Reichstag Building, and trips to the Jewish and DDR museums.

Trip lead Ms McCartney said: “It was a pleasure to take the students to Berlin over Easter. Year 13 students could see the impact the ideological divisions of the Cold War still have on the landscape of the city. Our excursion to Sachsenhausen concentration camp brought poignancy to the GCSE courses, as they saw a living memorial of the Holocaust and witnessed the conditions of the camps and the brutality of the regime.

“On the Friday evening we climbed the Reichstag dome to view the city that students have learnt so much about in History, from the Weimar Republic to the Reichstag fire and the Berlin wall dividing its grounds.

“The trip was a fantastic educational experience and the students were amazing. A massive thank you must be said to Mr Preston and Miss Aitken, who gave up their time, and to the parents who supported us.”