Back to School!

Sunday 19 September 2021

Welcome back! Following a summer with record breaking destinations and enrolments into our sixth form, the staff returned to school last week to prepare for our students’ return and were all so looking forward to seeing them on Tuesday.

Especially excited was Ms Beer, Head of Year 7, who was absolutely thrilled to see them all together for the first time. She was full of praise for the year group on the day, saying “It’s been a joy to welcome our Year 7 cohort for the first time, and such a pleasure to work with a group of students who are clearly so determined to succeed.” We’re looking forward to seeing the many successes they go on to have!

Aisha in Year 7, who joined BDA from Ark Swift, got over her nerves very quickly, telling us: “I couldn’t sleep the night before I started, because I was nervous, but it was a really good first day. I met some new people who were really helpful and my table peers were so kind to me.We watched an inspirational video showing all the students at BDA who’ve achieved so much, it makes me want to do it for the next generation. I really want to go to uni! I want to go to somewhere like Birmingham and I think I want to be an accountant or a lawyer.”

It was also a pleasure to welcome back our Year 8 students on the day, with Namra commenting “The best thing about the first day back was seeing all my teachers and friends again. I get the encouragement I need at BDA and I’m looking forward to getting better in my subjects”.

On the same day, Year 11 and 13 students returned for one to one academic review meetings, preparing plans for exam success and showcasing all the work they’ve been doing over the summer. Ms Williamson and the 6th form team were incredibly impressed by the Year 13 cohort, saying: “The intellectual preparation and effort out in by our new Year 13 cohort has been exceptional, and it was a pleasure to see them and discuss everything they’ve been doing to ensure success. We had a record-breaking year for Russell Group admissions last year and that total is sure to be smashed with such an ambitious and hardworking cohort.”