Apartheid and Economics

Dr O’Hear: On Tuesday January 21st Dr Tim Leunig, Associate Professor of Economic History at the LSE and Senior Policy Advisor to the Liberal Democrats, came to address the Oxbridge Project.

He delivered a lecture on the economic history of the Apartheid Regime in which he demonstrated that Apartheid was not only a moral travesty but ultimately an economic one too. Dr Leunig also spoke frankly and honestly with the students about his own humble background in Shepherd's Bush and stressed the importance of a good education as the key to economic and spiritual emancipation.

The students were a credit to the Academy. They were full of intelligent, searching questions and Dr Leunig commended them for keeping pace with what was essentially an undergraduate lecture.

The Oxbridge Project now has over twenty regular members and continues to go from strength to strength. Seeing the students hold their own with high- powered outside speakers and engage with such enthusiasm with topics well outside their curriculum is a great source of pride to me.