Adekunle, Architecture and Phenomenology

Tuesday 03 December 2013

Dr O'Hear and Mr Bunning: Adekunle Awodele delivered a fantastic talk to History of Art Society today on phenomonology in Art and Architecture.

He began by defining phenomenology against rationalism using architectural examples. Phenomonologists prioritise human experience and aesthetics over the rationalist, scientific approach to architecture. He showed us some examples by the architect Stephen Hall to illustrate his points. He then moved onto the work of the abstract expressionist artist James Turrell, who creates sensory viewing spaces (basically artworks that you can touch and interact with) and also the work of Barnett Newman.

Adekunle finished by showing us some examples of his own work, which has been inspired by the phenomonogical approach. He aims to create non-figurative pieces which take the viewer on a 'unique experience'.

Adekunle drew a big crowd of Year 12s and 13s and also several members of the Art Department. We wish Adekunle all the best with what promises to be a fascinating Fine Art dissertation and look forward to hearing Lakshmi Magon speak on Neo-Classicism next week (Tuesday October 15th in Room 071 at 1.15pm).