Homework in the Secondary Phase

From Year 7 through to Year 13 we value homework as a means of developing independent learning skills.

All students will be given at least 2 pieces of homework every day. Each piece of homework should last for at least 40 minutes. Students are expected to write their homework in their learning journal. Parents are expected to check their learning journals each day and ensure that the homework is completed to a high standard. Students will be able to access their homework on Show My Homework. Therefore, there is no excuse for not completing it.

What happens if I don’t complete my homework?

Failure to complete homework will result in a one hour Homework Detention. Students will be issued with a sticker in their planner for a detention the following day. This means that it is the students’ responsibility to notify their parents about the detention.

Please note that students will also be given a detention for poor quality homework. Parents will be required to attend the academy for a meeting if their child is constantly in homework detention each night.

Homework in the Primary Phase

In the primary phase we want chidlren to develop a lifelong love of learning. Our home learning is designed to ignite chidren's interest in the subejcts they are studying in school and contribute to a rich, wide learning experience. Research into the effectiveness of homework on improving children's attainment shows that repetitive tasks and worksheets have little impact on progress and achievement. 

When homework works best, pupils are allowed opportunities to 'prepare' for a topc or area of learning (Prep) and/or read around it, following their own ines of enquiry or interestes. This type of home learning encourages pupils to develop independence and a love of knowledge. They find things out for themselves and therefore have a far greater ownership over what they have learnt. Completing homework regularly helps chidlren to develop good habits and a strong work ethic; home learning should always be enjoyable. If you child is not enjoying their home learning, please speadk to your class teacher for suggestions on how to engage them.

For more information, please click the link below to see our home learning policy.

Home Learning Policy