We expect high standards of effort, learning and achievement from all our students at Burlington Danes Academy. We strongly believe that support is essential for effective learning: support from home, support from the academy and support from students.

Burlington Danes will
  • Pursue excellence for and from all and encourage your child to give their best effort to everything undertaken, be it academic or extra-curricular, and so fulfil their potential.
  • Value and celebrate the pride taken by your child when completing work.
  • Be appropriately formal in tone and ethos, emphasising the importance of strict adherence to academy rules on discipline, homework and uniform.
  • Care for your child’s safety and happiness within a supportive, Christian community and environment; one in which indifference, impoliteness, discrimination and bullying have no place and where sensitivity to others is valued highly.
  • Communicate with parents on a regular basis; keeping you well informed about general academy matters and more specifically about the academic progress of your son/daughter.
  • Invite, listen and respond to your views as quickly and effectively as possible, providing an open and welcoming culture for parents and students within which we can work together to achieve success.
  • Provide a balanced, stimulating and challenging curriculum with clear lesson objectives alongside enrichment opportunities that will prepare your child not only for further academic success, but also for the world of work and participation as a decent citizen within society. Homework will be set regularly throughout the year following the published homework timetable.
  • Inform your child about how to improve through regular assessment, formative marking, reports, examples of good work, display and clarity of communication; fulfilling and aiming to surpass your child’s potential.
Parents will
  • Ensure that their child arrives to the academy on time; that any absences are notified by telephone on the day of absence and a note accompanies the student on their return.
  • Provide a supportive environment at home that encourages learning, reading and application to homework. Parents will take an interest in their child’s work at the academy, encouraging their child to take pride in their work and always do their best.
  • Support the academy’s policies, especially on uniform, jewellery, nail and hair colouring, attendance and behaviour.
  • Review the Student Planner regularly; signing it weekly to indicate homework is being monitored and responding to notes from staff.
  • Read all communication from the academy and respond accordingly.
  • Remain in close contact with the academy.
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings and meetings arranged at a mutually convenient time regarding any concerns over their child’s progress or behaviour.
  • Grant permission for the academy to take their child offsite locally (ie the near vicinity of the academy) for academic or other purposes in groups of no more than tenstudents per adult.
  • Agree to your child’s image being used (on a non-commercial basis) for academy prospectuses, marketing, corridor display, publications and the website unless you have written in and requested that it is not.
  • Support any detention given out on the same day for 20 minutes in length for inappropriate behaviour, trusting that the academy is working to support their child’s learning.
Students will
  • Complete all the work set to the best of their ability taking pride in their work and its presentation.
  • Attend the academy on time, carrying the academy bag (unless Year 11, 12 or 13) containing the Learning Journal, correct texts and student workbooks.
  • Be properly equipped to learn: black and green pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, scientific calculator, mathematics set, English dictionary, foreign language dictionary etc.
  • Be ready to learn at the start of every lesson: punctual, equipped, planner out on desk, listen carefully throughout the lesson and always be respectful of staff’s authority.
  • Wear the academy uniform correctly and take pride in their appearance. The uniform policy must always be observed.
  • Not be seen with inappropriate equipment. Mobile phones/earphones/electronic gaming and/or personal music equipment are not allowed to be seen in the academy. They MUST be switched off at all times and kept hidden away. If seen, such equipment may be confiscated and returned only to parents. The academy does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen equipment of this nature.
  • Discourage bullying, including hurtful cyber bullying. Students are not to use photographic or video images of staff and students or pass them to a third party unless permission has been obtained.
  • Recognise that they are ambassadors for Burlington Danes Academy in the wider community whenever the uniform is worn.
  • Comply with sanctions when applied for inappropriate behaviour.
  • Support the academy rules and respect the universal values in the academy’s Christian ethos, demonstrating politeness, care and concern for all other members of the school. Students should always be sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Respect the environment and keep the academy free from litter and graffiti.
  • Consent to their photograph being used for non-commercial purposes (e.g. in academy publications, on the corridor walls, magazines, the website and the prospectus) unless their parents have written to the academy expressly forbidding the academy to do so.
  • Play a positive part in enhancing the success and reputation of the academy.