In Spanish lessons at Burlington Danes students are taught with a communicative and active approach. They explore the contemporary culture of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries, encouraging them to engage with the wider-world and to take an interest in our global society.

During the course, students achieve a confident grasp of the language associated with self and personal relationships, and progress to include language associated with the outside world. Students also develop a critical approach to analysing texts and acquire a sound knowledge of a wide spectrum of social, technological and cultural phenomena that will support their personal and academic development.




  • Half Term 1: Introduction: giving personal details, numbers, colours, family and pets
  • Half Term 2: Astérix: giving physical descriptions, personality, clothing
  • Half Term 3: Au collège: subjects studied at school, daily routine, school facilities
  • Half Term 4: Chez moi: home, bedroom, activities in the home
  • Half Term 5: Ma ville: local area, facilities, activities in town, focus on French town Boulogne
  • Half Term 6: revision and final project


  • Half Term 1: La vida en Mejico: comparison of London and Mexico city, describing local environment, food and drink
  • Half Term 2: La cultura hispanica: art, music, culture
  • Half Term 3: El Caribe: life in the Caribbean, travel, holidays
  • Half Term 4: Los juegos olimpicos: sports and other activities, healthy lifestyles
  • Half Term 5: Voces Inocentes: forms of media, comparisons with El Salvador
  • Half Term 6: Revision and final project


  • Half Term 1: Au collège: opinions of subjects, future plans, careers
  • Half Term 2: Les medias: genres of media and preferences, giving a film review
  • Half Term 3: La santé: healthy living, food and drink, lifestyles
  • Half Term 4: Parlez: developing fluency in speaking
  • Half Term 5: Introduction to GCSE: Family and homelife
  • Half Term 6: Preparation for GCSE controlled assessment




  • Half Term 1:  Introducción: grammar focus (tenses, personal pronouns, adverbs of time, adverbs of frequency, por/para, ser/estar)
  • Half Term 2: Los Olimpicos: sports and training routine, healthy living
  • Half Term 3: Mi Pueblo: home and local area, comparisons
  • Half Term 4:  Las vacaciones: holidays, preferences, travel abroad in Spanish speaking countries
  • Half Term 5:  Dinero y moda: money, fashion, shopping and trends
  • Half Term 6: Revision for end of year exams: listening / reading focus


  • Half Term 1: Trabajo/ au boulot: school, careers and work experience. Plans for further study (6th form/university)
  • Half Term 2: El Medio ambiente / l’environnment: problems and solutions to local issues, national problems, governmental action
  • Half Term 3: La vida / la vie: relationships and relationship choices, healthy living, technology
  • Half Term 4: Revision: listening and reading focus
  • Half Term 5: Revision: listening and reading focus 




  • Half Term 1: Introduction to AS; Media, Music, technology and young people
  • Half Term 2: Young people and society, youth culture, sport
  • Half Term 3: Healthy living and consequences for society, tourism and its wider impact
  • Half Term 4: Family and friends: relationships, institution of marriage. Education systems at home and in target language country
  • Half Term 5: Revision


  • Half Term 1: The environment and global environmental issues
  • Half Term 2:  Film study 1: Innocent Voices / La Haine
  • Half Term 3:  Immigration and its motivation, racism
  • Half Term 4: Film Study 2: Maria Full of Grace / Le Grand Voyage
  • Half Term 5: Social integration and terrorism, poverty