Politics at Burlington Danes Academy is proving to be a popular option for Sixth Form students. The course focuses on the structure, ideologies and impact of the UK government and opposition both at home and abroad. We aim to promote in students an interest in current affairs and to provide them with a good understanding of how society has evolved. We believe that studying politics makes for well-rounded individuals, well-equipped for life after school.




  • Half Term 1: People and Politics: Democracy and political participation. Governing the UK: Constitution 
  • Half Term 2: People and Politics: Party policies and ideas. Governing the UK: Parliament. 
  • Half Term 3: People and Politics: Elections. Governing the UK: The PM and Cabinet
  • Half Term 4: People and Politics: Pressure Groups. Governing the UK: Judiciary and Human Rights


  • Half Term 1: Global Political Issues:  Conflict, War and Terror. Ideologies:  Liberalism
  • Half Term 2: Global Political Issues:  Poverty and Development. Ideologies:  Conservatism
  • Half Term 3: Global Political Issues:  The Environment. Ideologies:  Socialism
  • Half Term 4: Global Political Issues:  Human Rights. Ideologies:  Anarchism