I am sorry to inform you that BDA will not be able to run the community classroom this week (w.c. 30th March). This is due to a suspected case of COVID-19 with a staff member who was on the site last week.

All parents of students who were in school this week have been informed of this personally. As this is an unconfirmed case, students who were in school are not obliged to isolate themselves, but as a school we would recommend this as a sensible precaution. 

Please do let us know if any of your children experience symptoms. If anyone in your family experiences symptoms, please contact Public Health England via their website or call line for further guidance.

We are organising a deep clean of the site and will reopen as soon as we can. We will update by end of the week with regards to opening over the Easter holidays.

If you have any questions, please email bda.school@burlingtondanes.org