Click here  to read an article by Imaan of 7U on immigration matters in the EU Referendum

Click here to read an article on multiculturism written by Ledin & Sumaya of 7U

Click here to read an article on The Big Challenge within multiculturism - written by Layla & Sabrina of 7U

Here is a poem entitled The British, which also touches on the theme of multiculturism. The accompanying video can be seen below:




BBC School Report has been running at BDA for the last few years and this year a select group of year 11s have been chosen for the challenge. They are going to be gathering news stories from inside school and the wider world to report back to the students at BDA. This vlog is part one of a three part series documenting the year 11s run up to mocks and GCSEs, talking about how they are feeling about the pressures upon them and how they are dealing with it.

Not only is it great for the year 11s to have a voice but it is also an opportunity for the younger years to see exactly what is involved in these very important exams. News day is on 19th March and the BBC will be selecting news stories from across the country to broadcast on every station. In preparation for this, year 11s are also creating a weekly news bulletin for the tannoy on Fridays and collecting news that they think is important and relevant to young people. 

Click here for the radio script

Click here for the BBC News School Report explained

19th March 2015

This week, our BBC School Report team discuss stress, music and travel.

Click here to read Klaudia's news article on stress

Click here to read Kinsi's news article on music and learning

Click here to read Tyra's news article on studying abroad



A group of talented Year 7 reporters have been working hard to produce articles covering some of the most pressing issues in the UK at present. Click on the links below to read their excellent work (2014).

Click here for Hamdi's report on disruptive behaviour in schools.

Click here for Felix, Robel and Kareem's report on the closure of libraries.

Click here for Ibrahim and Ashkan's report on Islamic law in Britain.

Click here for Mariam and Arseima's report on changes to the GCSE exams.

Click here for Assamaa and Sara's report on the missing Malaysian plane.

Click here for Dua and Maisie's report on the dangers of so-called "healthy food".



Please see below for a selection of news stories produced by our team of Year 7 reporters (2013).




Saleem, Paris and Yassmine question Dame Sally Coates

Marwa and Ilaha on the government's plans for further cuts

Marwa and Ilaha write about the BBC School Report

Brittany, Cherise and Fatma write about BDA Primary School

Alfie and Alex review the Elder Scrolls Online

Abubakar, Milos and Omar on the BBC's departure from White City



Students from Burlington Danes will be making the news for real on 21 March 2013 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.

Here are a series of video news reports produced by our team of young journalists. They cover a variety of important current issues:






Click on the links below to read the articles written by BDA students on Thursday 15th March 2012 and Thursday 24th January 2013.

Blayze on footballers' wages

Alexander on the internet versus the high street

Azharul on an unexpected helicopter crash

Emmy, Fatma and Marwa interview Dame Sally

Milos on the London helicopter crash

Cherise on Madam Coates' damehood

Sharokh on the highlights of 2012

Amira on sexism

Dorcus on the Kony campaign

Johnley on the distressed air hostess

Mwamba on child abuse

Reece on the change to a secret recipe