Applying to Secondary School

We know that choosing which secondary schools to apply for is a nerve-wracking time for both parents and children, and especially given the challenging circumstances of 2020.

We hope that the information shared on our website about admisions will help you understand the process, and that whilst you're here you're able to have a look around and get an idea of what makes BDA such a special school.

Hammersmith and Fulham have put together a brochure called 'Moving On Up' to help you with the process of transitioning to secondary school. Please click the image below to read.

If you're ready to mke your application, click the button below to go to the application page:

Over-subscription criteria with policy

Ark Burlington Danes Academy is a non-selective school. Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admissions number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below. After the admission of pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs where the Academy is named on the statement, the criteria will be applied in the order in which they are set out below:

  • Looked After Children and all previously Looked After Children
  • Children of staff of the school where there is a demonstrable skill shortage
  • Children who have a sibling who already attends the school and who will continue to do so on the date of admission (for this purpose “sibling” means a whole, half or step-brother or -sister resident at the same address)
  • Secondary only - up to 25% of the remaining places will be allocated to children who attend Church of England primary schools and, where there are more applications in this category than places, who live closest to the school using a straight line distance from the main entrance of the Academy to the main entrance to the child’s home.
  • Children of staff of the school (where there is no skill shortage)
  • The remaining places will be allocated to children who live closest to the school using a straight line distance from the main entrance of the Academy to the main entrance to the child’s home.

For the purpose of the final bullet point above:

The main entrance to the Academy is the front gate on Wood Lane

The main entrance to a child’s home is the door into the house or individual flat or living space occupied solely by the child’s family.

Admissions Policies and Appeals Booklet

To view our admissions policy and appeals booklet, please click here.

Due to the COVID-19 situation it will clearly not be possible to hold panel hearings in the usual way this year. The Department for Education has now issued revised guidelines for Admissions Authorities on how appeals should be dealt with, it being preferable that appeals are heard before the beginning of the Autumn term. All appellants will therefore be contacted with information about the exact process, which will be the same for all Ark schools. The aim is to complete hearings and for parents to be notified of the outcome of their appeal by 30th June 2020.

Further guidance from the government can be found here.

In-year admission 2019/20

The academy coordinates in-year admission for students wishing to join the school mid-year; we endeavour to process applications within seven days. If your application is unsuccesful, your child will be placed on our waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria detailed above. If your child is not currently part of any formal education, we will automatically pass your details on to Hammersmith and Fulham's In-Year Admissons team, who will find a suitable school place for your child.

If you wish to make an application please first read the guidance notes and then complete the application form.

Apply online with Hammersmith and Fulham

Guidance notes for in-year admission

Application Form

In-year Appeals Form

School Standards and Framework Act, 1998

Should you have any enquiries please contact our admissions officer using the following details: 0208 735 4950, or email