We were inspected by OfSTED in July 2022. I am pleased to inform you that we received a ‘Good’ in all areas of judgement. This is a significant improvement on the previous inspection in 2018 and demonstrates the hard work of staff, students, parents and governors in the last few years. Highlights of the report include the following:

• Teachers seek to know and understand every pupil, and pupils have adults who are always there to help them.

• Teachers help pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding. They give pupils the individual support they need.

• School leaders and governors share a vision of an inclusive, high-quality education for all pupils. They have high aspirations for pupils and want to give them every opportunity to succeed. • Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum. Pupils develop subject-specific knowledge and skills in increasing depth and complexity.

• In early years, the curriculum goes beyond national expectations, preparing children well for year 1.

• Pupils develop a love of reading and curiosity for learning. Leaders prioritise reading. They know its importance as a foundation for future learning.

• Leaders have established a strong culture of safeguarding. While this is fantastic achievement, we understand that BDA can become even better. To become even better, all staff at BDA will strive to continually learn and improve so that they can be the very best teacher, leader and support staff member and therefore ensure our students have the education and character to achieve anything they set their mind to. BDA will have the highest expectations for all, and we will make no apologies for that. Our school culture and core values will be our compass throughout our journey to ensure our students receive the very best education every single day – ‘We will be the ones to make the world a better place.’

David Carr


Our most recent Ofsted report can be found here



Primary - 2020-2021 

  Burlington Danes National
Reception: Good Level of Development 88% 70%
Year 1: Phonics Screening check 96% 82%
  Reading Writing Maths
Reception: Exceeding the Early Learning Goal 32% 21% 27%
Year 2: Key Stage 1 (Incl. SATs) 76% (EXS+) 66% (EXS+) 76% (EXS+)


Secondary & Sixth Form

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, exam grades in 2020 and 2021 were awarded using CAG (Centre Assessed Grades).

The grades below are our students' grades for the academic year 2022 where national assessments were used.


Measure Statistics
EBACC 9-5 23%
EBACC 9-4 33%
English and Maths 9-5 49%
English & Maths 9-4 68%


A2 Number of Entries %3+A*-B %A*-C
2021/22 136 35% 63%


BTECs Number of entries %D*-D %D*-M %D*-P
2021/22 42 45% 95% 100%


  2022 2019
Level 3 Value Added (Academic) 0.03 -0.48
Level 3 Value added (Vocational) 0.17 -0.2
Level 3 Value added (All) 0.09 -0.4

KS4 Results - https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/131752/ark-burlington-danes-academy/secondary

KS5 Results - https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/131752/ark-burlington-danes-academy/16-to-18

NB – Ofsted report has not updated on these sites yet and results for 2022 will be updated in October



The destinations of our 2022 A Level students are as follows:

  • 1 in 3 students heading to a Russell Group university
  • 1 in 2 students heading to a top third university
Retention (Proportion of students who complete their programme of study once enrolled) 97.1%
Destinations (Percentage of students who continue in education or training, opr move on to employment after 6 Form. 91.0%
Average Grade  C

    Our most successful students are listed below:

    • Salma Gallul A*A*A*
    • Baraa Sheryanna A*A*A
    • Ismail Raflay A*AA
    • Mohammed Walid A*AA
    • Mahmoud Al-Masri A*AA
    • Husen Ahmed AAA

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