Secondary School Entrance Changes

From Monday 14th January our entrance on Wood Lane will be open to students only until 8:55am. Students will also leave via this entrance as usual at the end of the school day. Any students arriving after 8.55am will have to enter via the Du Cane Road entrance and register at the all-through reception, which is located in the Primary. They will then be escorted to their lessons.  

All visitors, parents and guests will arrive and leave via the Du Cane Raod entrance, at all times and also check in to the all-through reception.

The all-through reception is reached by following the pavement around to the left and entering the primary building. 

BDA Development 7s

Burlington Danes Academy hosted yet another successful late-season rugby tournament this week, with the first ever BDA Development 7s.

The year 9 boys were joined on the field by teams from Cardinal Wiseman, Brentside, Twyford and Aylward Academy for an afternoon of fast and physical rugby.

The group watched the first match from the touchline as Aylward and Twyford tore strips from one another, setting the bar high for the fierce competition to follow.

BDA got off to a good start in their opening fixture against Brentside, with an early try from team captain Kurt Fagyan, but a lapse in concentration and a two-try response from the visitors put the pressure back on. A strong second-half display, which finished with a touchdown from close range for Kaelan Paul, secured a draw at 10-10.

The boys then had two difficult games against strong Aylward and Cardinal Wiseman sides – holding their own in each. They were well-organised and committed to the contact areas, but were denied results by a try or two against the run of play. If the matches were a little longer things might have been different.

In the day’s final encounter BDA hit top form to see off a good Twyford side in some style. With excellent performances from Adam Elbounabi, Kurt Fagyan, Jayden Ritchie and Aston Solomon, among others, they posted an impressive score of 25-0.

A pleased looking Mr Thornton said: “I can’t remember feeling this good about a performance by this team.”

Despite an excellent day overall for the BDA boys, Cardinal Wiseman and Aylward forged very good runs of their own. So close were they at the top end of the table that the final result had to be decided by the number of tries scored.

Congratulations to Cardinal Wiseman, who won by a single try. After a good shift, with some very encouraging signs for next season, BDA finished a more than respectable third place, with the highest number of tries scored by a single team.