Primary School Places


Following last weeks house cross curricular project all 6 house winners went head-to-head in the character development finals, demonstrating amazing and inspirational presentations of the journey that each house group experienced.

The judges were completely blown away with what had been achieved. Ranging from a communal sensory garden and visits to the Sky Studios, and the Olympic park to a mural and a presentation of ‘Togetherness’ through a BBC news feed.

The five character traits were effectively executed and the messages of what good character entails was epitomised through intellectual and topical presentations.

House Winners

Following a close finish to the year, with a bumper packed house finale, congratulations go to Miss Hills and the Colossians House.

With an impressive sports day win Colossian House closed out this year’s race through consistency and regular commitment to the competition programme.

Well done to all students and staff members involved. Madame Hills will be a massive loss to the academy and we wish her all of the very best at her new school.