Secondary School Entrance Changes

From Monday 14th January our entrance on Wood Lane will be open to students only until 8:55am. Students will also leave via this entrance as usual at the end of the school day. Any students arriving after 8.55am will have to enter via the Du Cane Road entrance and register at the all-through reception, which is located in the Primary. They will then be escorted to their lessons.  

All visitors, parents and guests will arrive and leave via the Du Cane Raod entrance, at all times and also check in to the all-through reception.

The all-through reception is reached by following the pavement around to the left and entering the primary building. 

PSHCE: Saving Londoners' Lives

A founding member of Saving Londoners’ Lives - a programme that prepares London’s youngsters to offer emergency medical assistance - attended BDA’s PSHCE lessons on Wednesday.

In partnership with the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart UK, SSL trains teachers to deliver practical workshops that promote emergency life support skills in young people.

Dr Gillian Schiller, programme lead for SLL, was joined by 12 medical students to observe and assist in workshops outlining techniques for dealing with a serious bleed.

She said: “I set up the Saving Londoners' Lives programme with partner organisations to grow a community in London that will see many fewer deaths from heart disease, and especially cardiac arrests.

“In my dream I envisaged sessions like the one I saw at Burlington Danes Academy taking place across the capital. The pupils were energetic and enthusiastic. The teachers were well informed and skilled at getting the messages across.

“Thank you to everyone involved, this was a textbook example of what Saving Londoners' Lives is all about.”

Over 170 students are taking part at Burlington Danes, with sessions focussing on the conscious casualty, the unconscious casualty, serious bleeding, choking, suspected heart attack and cardiac arrest.

The scheme has proved very popular amongst BDA pupils, who are fast acquiring a range of potentially life-saving skills thanks to the support of the medical experts.

Aadarsh Majid, Y8, said: “The lessons have helped me realise the importance of emergency life support skills and I believe that if I were to be in such a situation I could save someone’s life.”

Medical Assistant Tabassum Dungarwalla, of Imperial College, said: “"It was a delight to teach such enthusiastic students and we hope that the school continues to deliver these first aid sessions."