Secondary School Entrance Changes

From Monday 14th January our entrance on Wood Lane will be open to students only until 8:55am. Students will also leave via this entrance as usual at the end of the school day. Any students arriving after 8.55am will have to enter via the Du Cane Road entrance and register at the all-through reception, which is located in the Primary. They will then be escorted to their lessons.  

All visitors, parents and guests will arrive and leave via the Du Cane Raod entrance, at all times and also check in to the all-through reception.

The all-through reception is reached by following the pavement around to the left and entering the primary building. 

Spicy Competition in House Cook Off

Staff and students joined forces in the pursuit of much needed house points last week, putting their culinary skills to the test in this year’s hotly anticipated House Cook Off.

With each house entering two teams of two, whose delicious creations were to be scored by Dame Sally and combined for the final count, Ms Ford’s room was abuzz with competitive spirit.

A budget of £5 per pair and just 30 minutes to prepare their dishes meant pressure was sure to play its part. After a frantic flurry of baking, steaming, frying, sautéing and delicate, if occasionally heavy-handed, plating up, dinner was served.

Exploring a variety of styles and cultures, the final dishes showcased a passion for food and attention to detail clearly shared by both staff and students.

Yassmine Al-Amire and Ms Raveneau, of Colossians, produced a tasty plate of curried prawns, coconut milk and red peppers; the Ephesians team of Mr Goorah and Mathew Wilby followed suit with a fragrant Thai green curry; while Alice Simpson and Mr Dawson’s carbonara went down a treat for Galatians.

But it was the Philippians combination of Lia Stephenson, Ms Clarke, Ms Ghoris and Mahir Rahman who managed to pack the winning punch. With two beautifully presented dishes of lime chicken, with sweet potato mash, and chickpea and chorizo stew, maximum points were well-deserved.

Well done to all who took part on a closely fought and very enjoyable competition. Thanks also to those who came to support your houses, the atmosphere was fantastic.