British Values

Promoting British Values at Ark Burlington Danes Academy


In line with our overarching mission, values and drivers, at Ark Burlington  Danes Academy we are fully committed to the promotion, teaching and  implementation of British values in all aspects of school life. These are the  values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance for other religions. Although we recognise that these values are not  exclusive to this school, community or country, we believe that our students’  adherence to them is necessary if they are to grow into outstanding British  citizens.

We value democracy because democratic systems provide the best possible  opportunity for individuals and groups to live in freedom and security. Democracy shows students that they are valued members of our community  and that their voices can be heard and will be listened to. We work to ensure  all of our students understand democratic systems in our local, national and international communities and we actively explain the responsibility and  privilege they have to participate in them. At ArkBDA we create  opportunities to teach students about democratic processes across the  curriculum, in tutor time and assemblies and through the citizenship  components in our PSCHE programme. We model and engage students in  democratic processes through student council elections, mock elections and  referenda. We encourage students to actively campaign for issues that they  believe in and we support them to stand for office in the local Youth  Parliament and National Youth Parliament. Alongside this, we give every  student of our school a voice by participating in Hammersmith and Fulham’s  annual Make Your Mark consultation that forms the manifesto for the Youth  Council.

We value the rule of law because any fair society is underpinned by laws  which are applied equally to all without fear or favour. We want all of our  students to understand the importance of our legal system and their own  rights and responsibilities within it.  To this end we explicitly teach them about these issues in the citizenship components in our PSCHE programme, our tutor  time activities, as well as inviting visiting speakers from the judicary, legal  profession and the local police service to share information, knowledge and experiences with our students. At ArkBDA we have a robust anti-bullying  culture and, critically, implement a fair and consistent behaviour  management system (BDA123) where the rights and responsibilities of all are  clear and are respected.

We value individual liberty because it is integral to the wellbeing of each and  every citizen. We want our students to understand the importance of their  own liberties including, for example, freedom of expression and freedom of  worship. We also want them to understand the importance of exercising  these liberties responsibly and of respecting the liberties of others. To this end  we explore these issues across the curriculum and actively encourage  students to exercise their freedom of speech through student voice activities,  including participation in the Student Council, student questionnaires and  focus groups. Debate and discussion are strongly promoted across the  academy. In addition to formal debate clubs and competitions, time and  space are given across subjects for students to share and challenge one  another’s views and opinions. We help students to raise awareness for the  issues that concern them through daily student reflections, assemblies and  support to lead school-wide campaigns. We provide students with spaces  and time to pray, to be mindful and to discuss their ideas, their faith and their  hopes and dreams with staff and their peers.

We value respect and tolerance because they underpin the creation of a  society where there is equality of opportunity for all and where diversity is  celebrated. Although we are a Christian community, we want our students to  have the opportunity to explore and express their own faith backgrounds and  to learn about those of others so that they do, indeed, treat them with  respect. This is a central aim of our RE programme across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. We explicitly teach and explain the importance of respect in lessons,  assemblies and the pastoral programme. We actively promote our school’s  diversity and students’ freedom of expression through events such as ‘wear the colours of your flag’ and Black History month celebrations; the annual  BHM gala being one of the highlights of our calendar. Our House system also  unites students throughout the academy and provides opportunities for  students to share their passions and develop their interests in a spirit of friendly  competition and loyalty to a community.

The values that are essential to positive and active citizenship in modern day  Britain are central to our life and work at Ark Burlington Danes Academy. They are visible in our routines, our language and the lessons we teach; they  are shared explicitly and implicitly through our systems of pastoral care, our House system and in our daily interactions. We believe that these values  should be explicitly taught, modelled and celebrated and any departure  from them should be challenged in a spirit community and integrity.