Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It is a popular subject at Burlington Danes due to its real world applications in education, health, the economy, industry and crime.

The course considers social, developmental, cognitive, biological and individual perspectives. Students will develop an understanding of numerous psychologists and research methods, such as self reports, experiments, observations and correlations. Students will be able to consider related issues, debates and perspectives within each topic, as well as how to conduct psychological research.

In the A2 course students are able to specialise in mental health and clinical psychology, criminal psychology (including reasons for turning to crime, psychological elements of a court case and psychological strategies used in the courtroom) and child psychology (including factors affecting intelligence, perception and the impact of advertising).




  • Half Term 1: Research Methods, Developmental Psychology
  • Half Term 2: Research Methods, Cognitive Psychology, Individual Differences
  • Half Term 3: Social and Biological Psychology
  • Half Term 4: Debates in Psychology
  • Half Term 5: Start A2
  • Half Term 6: Start A2


  • Half Term 1: Issues in Mental Health
  • Half Term 2: Issues in Mental Health/Criminal Psychology
  • Half Term 3: Criminal Psychology/Child Psychology
  • Half Term 4: Child Psychology
  • Half Term 5: Research Methods
  • Half Term 6: Revision