Secondary School Entrance Changes

From Monday 14th January our entrance on Wood Lane will be open to students only until 8:55am. Students will also leave via this entrance as usual at the end of the school day. Any students arriving after 8.55am will have to enter via the Du Cane Road entrance and register at the all-through reception, which is located in the Primary. They will then be escorted to their lessons.  

All visitors, parents and guests will arrive and leave via the Du Cane Raod entrance, at all times and also check in to the all-through reception.

The all-through reception is reached by following the pavement around to the left and entering the primary building. 


Rigorous assessment is a key feature of student life at BDA. Teachers mark students’ work every two weeks, checking progress and providing formative and diagnostic feedback on classwork, homework and project based learning. Students can expect to be formally assessed every six weeks either in class or in our school hall, receiving numerical summative assessment grades (KS3), GCSE grades (KS4) or A Level grades (KS5). Their summative grades are measured against individualised expected progress (based on their prior attainment at the most relevant Key Stage).  Students’ progress is monitored regularly throughout their schooling and is shared with students and parents throughout the year. 

In KS3 students are assessed each term. The school provides revision booklets and materials to parents to support their child’s learning and the assessment process at all Key Stages.