Vision and Values

Our Mission, Values and Drivers

ArkBDA’s mission, put simply, is about what we desire for each and every student. The academy’s mission (shared with Ark) – To prepare students for university and/or a career of their choice – is our starting point in crafting the academy’s ethos and culture. The mission is our focus: think of it as the sun that generates the academy’s daily growth, it should be what we can all see and feel no matter where we are in the academy or who we are talking to.

Beneath the mission lie our values; they permeate all that we do. Each value supports the mission and is intrinsic to the culture of the organisation: values are our common language.  Our values transcend any structures or roles within the academy. All leaders, staff and students adhere to the same values. The values are made real through our daily actions.

While the values safeguard a certain code of conduct, it is the drivers that push ArkBDA forward to meet these high expectations with both determination and rigour.